Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 8: Albert Lea, MN

Today was a looong day...

I drove 4 hours in the morning to arrive in time for a 1-2pm student outreach program, and then a 7:30pm concert.  The model-B Steinway and the hall at the high school were great.

I'm off to bed!!!


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  1. Hello Charlie ! Nice to hear that your are making your connections (after a ton of driving). It must be a nice mix to meet students along the way and perform in the evening.(only to rush off the next morning to do it all over again) in the COLD no less. Did that temperature gauge read -19? Snowy and cold here in Boston, but not like that ! Brrrrr!!! Looks like you are packing in a substantial crowd. Keep up your strength and Travel Safe ! Michael O'