Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 9: Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Falls, IA has a beautiful hall at the University of Northern Iowa, where I played tonight.

Along with a beautiful 9-foot Steinway, I was greeted to an audience of about 700 people at the venue.  I am feeling absolutely exhausted right now (hope I'm not coming down with something!), so I'm off to bed, but here are a few pictures!


This toilet was dedicated to someone :P

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  1. Hello Charlie! You have the greatest opportunity to perform is some of the nicest places, lucky YOU ! Don't let all the driving, cold temps, and (un)healthy snacks -- was that a photo of Doritos?? drag you down. Eat well, Sleep sound, and .....Travel Safe ! Thanks for sharing your photos. It's fun to follow your travels. Be well . Michael O'