Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 7: Milbank, SD

We spent another night in Watertown, SD...

and the concert was not too far away in Milbank.  The town, which has about 3300 people, has a great auditorium in their high school...and about 400 people or so showed up for the concert this evening!  Unbelievable!

We also stumbled upon a wonderful art museum dedicated to the works of Terry Redlin, a native of Watertown.

Tomorrow is one of those super-busy days.  We drive ~4 hours to Albert Lea, MN; have a student outreach program at 1pm; and then a full-length concert at 7:30pm.  Whew!


Terry Redlin Art Center

Gorgeous artwork by Terry Redlin

Beautiful work by Terry Redlin

Terry Redlin Art Center

Beautiful Art by Terry Redlin


Milbank High School

Buffalo Wild Wings


  1. Good morning Charlie ! It's wonderful that you are bringing beautiful music to so many folks in towns across America, and seeing the sights along the way. Nice that your dad is with you too ! You are very lucky! I enjoy the sights too..... aka your photos! Keep up your strength, sleep and eat well....... enjoy those margaritas !! and Travel Safe!

  2. Love your blog! You really show off America in your candid pics, as well as the hectic and rewarding life you live as a musician. Can't wait to see more posts.