Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 6: Watertown, SD

Watertown, SD was a good 4.5 hour drive from Williston, ND...

and it was pretty straight and flat the whole way!  We passed through Fargo, where I played last year with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, and stopped to eat at the Olive Garden. :)

The concert tonight was great...there were about 500 people or so, and they were super receptive.  The concert format I'm doing for this tour is very casual and fun!

Tomorrow I've got a performance about 60 miles away, so it won't be nearly as hard of a drive.

Lots of building in North Dakota

Flat South Dakota!

Filling 'er Up

Perkins Breakfast

Piano in Williston

Backstage snacks :)

Post-Concert Dinner with Daddy


Watertown, SD

Cut my finger on a chipped key during the encore of "Great Balls of Fire" 

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  1. Charlie, your photos are fun ! I'm enjoying tagging along for the ride through the Midwest . Good to see you are eating well, and that you've added the margarita .... ! LOL . A fun and relaxed concert platform sounds very enjoyable. I'm sure you delight the crowd every time ! Rest up and ....Travel Safe !