Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 22: Slayton, MN

After about a two hour drive or so, I arrived in Worthington, MN which is where I am staying for the night...where I was upgraded to the amazing "Executive Suite" :)

Complete with a jacuzzi tub, dining room table, living room area, and bedroom, it makes the day a little better. :)  The concert in Slayton, MN (only about 40 minutes away) was also great, with a wonderful crowd of probably around 100 or so.  I realized that in March or so (during my winter/spring Midwest tour), I will return to Worthington to give a concert in this town!

Tomorrow, I'm off to New Ulm, MN!


My car says "hi" :)


The piano attacked me :(  The lid protrudes outwards too far on that Samick I hit it when I raised my hand while performing...

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  1. Charlie, aka ' Mr. Executive' your tour seems to be going quite well. Upgrades are always welcome... better rest, better food, better days ahead. Hey.... take care of your hand(s) , isn't that the second time -this tour- that you've bruised your hand? Nice to see you are taking in the sights while on tour.... the hills are bursting with color. Such a nice time of year. Rest up. Eyes on the road - Enjoy ! Getting closer to Boston each day! yeah. Travel safe. Michael O'