Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 21: Heading south through MN to Willmar!

Willmar, MN has just shy of about 20,000 people...

and wasn't too far from Fergus Falls.  But the weather, today, was pretty dreary...blustery, cold, rainy, and cloudy. :(

But the audience at the hall was great.  There were several hundred people and boy were they enthusiastic, clapping during pieces (which I encouraged), yelling and shouting, etc.  It was a blast!

Tomorrow, I'm heading over to the small town of Slayton, MN for another performance!




  1. Charlie, good to see you're eating healthy 'snacks' LOL. and other stuff too. Your audiences - bit or small - are all spellbound by your performances I'm sure. Keep up the great work, that seems to be 'play' for you. Eyes on the road, Travel Safe ! Michael O'

  2. Thanks so much, Michael! ...And thank you for the posts! :D