Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 23-24: Wilkommen in New Ulm and Cranberries in Tomah, WI!

Sorry for not posting yesterday...

I wrote up yesterday's post (below) and uploaded all of the pictures, but then promptly forgot to press "post" and realized it this morning. :P

Day 23: New Ulm, MN is a town rooted in German heritage...

and many things are in a German style, including the Holiday Inn!  I stopped by a German store and bought a few cookies after arriving at the hotel.  The concert hall was great and filled with a few hundred enthusiastic people!  Tomorrow, I've got a long drive over to Tomah, Wisconsin!  Bye Minnesota...until February! :)


Day 24: Tomah, WI...home to cranberries and Fort McCoy

One of the assignments I had in my Scoring to Picture class at Juilliard was to score the opening sequence of the movie Fort McCoy...and what-dya-know, it's here in Tomah, WI!

The concert tonight was lots of fun.  There was a smaller crowd (probably about 150 or so), but they were enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy it!  Tomorrow, I have a day of traveling...I'll be off to Indianola, IA (about 5 hours or so away).  Whew!


Beer-shaped noodles :P

And the ultimate rude parker (4 spaces) award goes to...

Martin Luther College

Naptime in Target parking lot

Tomah, WI


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  1. Charlie, YOU have a lot going on all at the same time! LOL. Good to know you take naps now and then -- but in the Target parking lot !! Actually, glad to know you rest up when and wherever you can rather than drive tired. Seems the roads are long and flat. I'm sure you continue to dazzling the crowds big or small at every venue. I hope your hand has healed and not causing any discomfort while you continue to perform. The photos you post are cool - it's fun to follow your tour. Be safe, Eyes on the road and ENJOY !
    Michael O'