Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 20: Fergus Falls!

Fergus Falls is only about an hour and forty-five minutes from Park Rapids...

and boy are there a ton of ponds and lakes in this area.  The drive was gorgeous, with the weather clearing up from the last couple of days.

There were probably about 300-400 people or so in the audience today at the concert, which took place at the local high school.  There was a great 9-foot Baldwin piano to perform on, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it!  I had a great time, too.  Tomorrow, I'm off to Willmar, MN!


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  1. Charlie, you do get around ! LOL . Actually it's a nice way to see much of the USA. Travel safe/eyes on the road. Good to hear that your concerts are well attended and that the audiences are appreciative of your remarkable skill and talent . I'm sure you wow them each and every time you take to the stage. Anxiously anticipating your Boston arrival. Travel safe - ENJOY!
    Michael O'