Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 19: Up up north to Park Rapids, MN!

Whew! Just got back home and had a quick dinner in my room.

The town of Park Rapids, MN is small (about 4,000 people or so), but the turnout for the concert was great; there were about 400 people or so at the concert and we all had a blast!

I'm pretty pooped, so I'll keep this post short, but tomorrow I'm off to Fergus Falls, MN which is relatively close (about 1.5 hours compared to 3.5 hours of driving today).  :)


밥이랑 김이 맛있네요... ^^
Rice and kim is good :)

In my green room before the concert

People are coming in!


  1. Once again... smiles all around ! Congratulations on yet another masterful concert. Nice that your driving distance has lessened a bit. Time to catch up on some sleep and eat~! maybe a bit of sightseeing too. Your BOSTON fans (I've started a group) are all anxious for your return visit. Travel safe.
    Michael O'

  2. I just got home from your Willmar MN concert. I have 4 words for you: "Charlie, You Are Awesome!"
    Enjoyed the evening sooooo much. An adjective for your concerts could be: great balls of fire!