Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 13: Back to Central Time

About 6.5 hours of driving later...

and we're in Grand Island, Nebraska!  Whew!  Not much to say except that there were tons of cornfields and lots of straight roads.

Tomorrow, I've got a children's outreach program and then a concert in the evening!  

Peanut shells can be thrown on the floor at this restaurant! 
The next table over must have eaten a lot of peanuts... :P

What happens when you're on cruise control on a flat, straight road for a long time...

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  1. Day 13... and so it goes.. apparently WELL ! that's a good thing. Nice to know your eating healthy! LOL. Yep Midwest = corn, corn and more corn! Nice to hear you are spending time with children along the way. Instill the experience of GREAT music at an early age. Fun reading your Blog posts ever day or so..... time for you to rest up for the next fantastic performance. Be well, travel safe.... eyes on the road!