Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 14: Big Crowd in Grand Island

I was so shocked to find out that the audience in Grand Island, NE would be somewhere between 800-1200 people!

The high school auditorium that it took place in was great.  Before the concert, thirty-some piano students sat on stage with me and we talked about everything from improvising to the types of classical music, with the parents and teachers sitting out in the hall.  A few kids even played for me!

The response from the audience was great!  I was amazed that the audience was all seated and ready to go before the 7:30pm program was supposed to start!

Tomorrow, we're heading further east toward Fremont, NE!

Mr. G's Car Wash!

A lot nicer when it's not covered in dirt :P

With Mr. G

Olive Garden!


Getting ready to talk with the piano students

With some of the pianists

Pizza after the mini-concert

Tornado exit!




  1. WONDERFUL......... Charlie you seem to be having the time of your life. As a retired (34yrs) teacher, I am so pleased that you spend much of your time with young children, They have so much to learn from YOU !. Thanks for the culinary tour of the mid-west. LOL.. Travel safe ! ----to BOSTON !

  2. Charlie, thank you for coming to Nebraska and sharing your immense talent with us. You gave us all a wonderful show and inspired many - young and old!

  3. Can't go wrong at an Olive Garden! LOL . YES, your car does look a lot better all cleaned and shine ! The 'word' is out..... Charlie Albright is coming to town ! Of course thousands will show up for your concert. Doesn't surprise me at all. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting your travels. It's fun to see and hear about what you are up to. Those lucky young children -- to meet a real star ! (that would be YOU ! ) Keep up the great work. REST, EAT and keep your eyes on the road. How many miles logged to date? See you soon Charlie.

  4. I have been receiving many enthusiastic comments about your piano workshop and your awesome concert here in Grand Island. Thank you so much for the extra time and effort it took for you to do this. You are so easy to work with and the piano students enjoyed your words of wisdom. I had two students come to their lesson yesterday playing Mario Brothers! They were also impressed with your advice about keeping to a schedule for practicing and how you learned to improvise with chords. You especially made an impact on my student who has perfect pitch. He didn't know anyone else who deals with the pros and cons of that gift. He will carry your example around with him forever, I'm sure. Thank you, again, Charlie. The music community here in Grand Island will be following your rising career for years to come.

    1. Linda, what a wonderful comment you have made regarding Charlie's performance/good manners and inspirational efforts toward the children in Grand Island. You have really 'hit the mark', I couldn't agree with you more. Let's get the word out --- Charlie is a rising star to take notice of !

      Michael O'