Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 12: Big Audience and Gorgeous Piano in Loveland, CO

4.5 hours after leaving Craig, CO...

we arrived in Loveland, CO!  There are beautiful homes everywhere (the suburban style that I love and everything)!  The audience was big (about 600-800 or so) and they were super responsive...a wonderful concert.

Tomorrow is 6.5 hours of driving to Nebraska...on the road again!

Sorry for the short post...super tired!  See you all soon!



  1. You always post such great pictures!

  2. Almost going in circles aren't you! Glad to know your audiences are large and appreciative of your hard work and talents. I'm enjoying 'seeing' the country through your eyes and photos - thanks. It's always nice to keep in touch. Good to know you're keeping up your strength with such culinary delights. Keep your eyes on the road. Rest up for your next journey and adventure. Travel Safe.