Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 11: Back to Craig, Colorado

We passed through Craig, CO yesterday and saw the giant coal power plant...

and now we're back!  The concert at the local high school was great!  There was a wonderful 9-foot Baldwin piano that was great to play on, and the crowd really seemed to like it!

For lunch, we stopped by at the Village Inn cafe, which seems to be a chain in the Midwest.

Tomorrow, we've got a long (~4.5 hour) drive back toward Denver to Loveland, Colorado, where I'll have a concert in the evening as well.  Should be fun!

Now for some snacks and then bed!


No mud!

Backstage goodies!

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  1. Day 11 ---- fun fun fun ! Good that you are 'keeping notes and photos' so each town and long flat roads you travel don't blend together in your mind. I'm enjoying your trip too ! Keep up the good work. ENJOY. and travel safe !