Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 10: 9-Foot Steinway in a Public High School???

Whew! Finished the fourth concert on the Fall Midwest Tour!

It's my first time in Wyoming.  The concert took place a few hours ago at the Rock Springs, Wyoming High School, whose mascot is coincidentally the same as my high school in Centralia...the Tigers!

The drive was long (4.5 hours or so), but it was on a small highway with lots of straightaways.  The scenery went from snowy mountains to rocky cliffs and rolling hills...beautiful!

Tomorrow we're off to Craig, CO, which we actually passed through today.  My amazing girlfriend Stella surprised us with food delivered to our room...which really made my day.  What a sweetheart~

Have you been to Wyoming?  I've heard that there are statistically more cows here than people! :D

I have a Tabasco problem

Surprise from Stella! :)

9-foot Steinway at a public high school!

On the Road Again~


From "Great Balls of Fire" as the encore? :P


  1. Charlie, you are having an AMAZING tour, and I'm enjoying your photos and comments that you post along the way. Wyoming is a beautiful part of the country as I remember from my own past vacations. Enjoy. Travel Safe !

  2. Yes, Wyoming is a unique state! You'll love western Nebraska, too, on your way here this week. Thanks for all your photos and comments. Can't wait to meet you in person Thursday!