Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Tour Day 1-3: Fox Hill Village, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum...Here we go!

Friday, September 27, 2013 - Day 1:

I'm off beginning the big tour I've been posting about on my Facebook Page!  Friday night was a quick pickup of the rental car in Manhattan with the plan to leave the next morning...but then I realized that I couldn't park it for less than like $40-50, so I decided to head up early, stopping midway at a hotel so that I wouldn't be too tired for the next day's 2pm performance.

Saturday - Day 2:

I arrived at Fox Hill Village, a small retirement community outside of Boston.  This was my third time here.  Played a warm-up concert for the all-Schubert program the next day.

Sunday - Day 3:

Ahh...the second of the three Schubert concerts I'm giving!  I was very nervous...especially concerned about having a memory slip.  Luckily, the program went off great!  Now I'm off to Kansas City for the first of my two midwest tours.  They will be a blast...I'll be playing everything from Schubert to Great Balls of Fire at these programs.  They will be down-to-Earth, comfortable programs that I think the audiences will enjoy!

Fox Hill

Muscle Car! (Not my favorite at all)
With Stella!

Tasty Margarita

AMAZING piano at the Gardner Museum

Naptime before concert at ISGM

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  1. Today's concert at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, was spectacular ! Charlie is so gifted ! His performance spectacular ! Thank you for sharing your awesome talent.