Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Better Late than Never?

Hi Everyone!

It has really been ridiculously too long since I've updated my blog.  I hope you are all "fans" on my Facebook Page and are following me on Twitter, where I update much much much more frequently.  Even my YouTube Channel gets more attention sometimes.  If you are, good job!  If not, why not click the links and do so?

I'm gonna work harder to keep this updated more too. :)

Now, let's get started!

February Adventures!

I spent several days near the beginning of February in Rockford, Illinois, just outside of Chicago (to the west).  I performed the good 'ol Rhapsody in Blue with the Rockford Symphony, and got to see one of my best friends and former roommates too!  Justin is currently an MD/PhD student at the University of Chicago.  We had a great time catching up.

I was also in Montana playing with the Great Falls Symphony, which was a blast.  We did the Shostakovich 2nd Concerto and the Chopin Grand Polonaise Brillante and Andante Spianato.

This past weekend, I was in Lafayette, Indiana with the Lafayette Symphony, where we also did the Shostakovich 2nd.  There was a great review in the Lafayette Journal and Courier, which you can read here.

...And tomorrow morning, I'm off to give a solo concert in Alabama before giving a different solo concert here in New York on the 15th and again in Boston on the 23rd/24th.


...And now, pictures!

John Pinette is great!

Tried out a Chevy Cruze...not a bad small car

Click "read more" for more pictures!

Snowy Illinois

On the plane

Chicago with Justin!



Rehearsing in Rockford

Sat next to/talked to Jane Lynch for a few hours on the way back!

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Lafayette Symphony

Great Falls program

Debuting the new $300,000 Fazioli piano in Great Falls

Great Falls Symphony Rehearsal

After a MasterClass in Indiana

Playing at Alice Tully Hall...beautiful place...

Crazy skies

With Stella! :D

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  1. Enjoying your Blog ! Looking forward to seeing you perform in Boston at the Gardner Muesum....:) travel safe.