Friday, January 25, 2013

Florida Warmth, California Cold, New York Freezing, and Pennsylvania Somewhere-in-the-middle-ness

I recently got back from a long bit of traveling

where I went to New York (after being at home), then Sarasota in Florida, then UC Davis in California,  back to New York, and then to Pennsylvania to try skiing for the first time.  I know.  "Geez, that guy's never been skiing?"  "Yeah."  Sledding?  Yes.  Skiing?  No.  But that's all changed now because I apparently have an amazing gift for skiing.

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Upgraded to First! 
Trying to actually get some work done on the plane...

Does anyone know exactly how long this poor guy has been in SkyMall?

Lots more pics after the break.  "Read more" to see more!

Fountains in Florida in January!

Yay upgrade again!


Stella...right before I whooped her at racing :P

I am horrible at games.

Not my favorite rental.  Jeep Patriot. 
Hotel Indigo has nice rooms~

So this is NOT where I played, but where I thought I was playing.  Drove to the wrong hall.

So this is why people move to Florida for the winter...


Pretty Palm Trees

Getting ready to go onstage

It's me! 
Hyatt Place...not bad! 
After a long day of traveling cross-country... 
I rode a hotel bike a few miles (mostly in the wrong directions) to find this place while I was in CA... 

Mondavi Center!

Animal-Style In-N-Out!

Residency for Davis High Schoolers

I look like I'm in pain or something :P


With the Davis Highschoolers.  One of five residencies and two concerts that week!

Mondavi Center

Practicing in Mondavi

Look what Stella bought and had sent to my room!  :D

How I usually eat while traveling.  

Concert Hall

From my SGma and SGpa!  Wonderful teamaker, cups, and tea!!!

I look like a Rain wannabe with an elongated neck.

Thank you SGma/SGpa!!!

Driving to PA in a 1600-mile Caddy!



2013 SRX!

삼겹살 파티! Samgyupsal Party!

King of the Mountain.

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