Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's been too long since I've updated my blog!

I am back at home now in Centralia for about two good weeks.  It has been a year since I've been able to come back for more than a night or it has definitely been great being able to see my parents and family.

Bryant Park

I've been able to get some rest, but have also been plugging away at the piano...memorizing the first of the three Schubert concerts I'm giving in 2013 in Boston.  Schubert is horrible to's pretty much the same thing repeated in different orders, with minute variations...enough to drive one crazy.  >_<

2013 starts off in Washington, then New York, then Florida, then Sacramento!

...And that equals a whole lot of flying around.  I'm back in New York for just a few days right after the new year begins, and then will be in Florida for one night for interviews/performances with Robert Sherman of WQXR radio in New York!  It should be lots of fun, and a chance to meet up again with him...a friend I met years ago when I first started playing in New York during the NY Piano Competition put on by Mr. Stecher and Mr. Horowitz (also wonderful friends and mentors).

I'll then fly straight to UC Davis in Sacramento, where I'll be spending about a week doing residencies and a couple of concerts (one of them is already sold out, I heard!).

Then it's right back to NYC to work more on my A.D.  It should be lots of fun.


It's 2013!  A new year!  Let's make it a good one!The New Year

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

...And if you haven't seen it already, here's We Shall Fight!  ...And tons of pictures!  Click "read more" to see them all!


Columbia has pretty lights

Lincoln Center

Ice Skating at Bryant Park with Stella

Gorgeous View from Bedroom

Filet by Charlie

My teacher Veda Kaplinsky and I!

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Department Store Displays

Ice Skating at Bryant Park

Stella and I skating!

A Pokéball as a light? :P


Schubert with the Watsons!

Schubert with the Watsons!

Dr. Watson and I

Christmas Carols with the Watsons!

Christmas Carols with the Watsons!

Group Picture

Neighbor likes Christmas lights

Christmas Dinner!


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