Thursday, December 13, 2012

"We Shall Fight" Composition and December in the City!

We Shall Fight...

is my (hopefully) final version of one of my latest epic soundtrack compositions.  Watch, listen, subscribe, and please share with others!  Here is is!

It started off as just me fiddling around more and more with cinematic composition at home, and really trying to make my music sound "real."

Now, what's "real?"  Click "Read more" below to find out.

When you compose on your computer, it's easy for it to sound in you can tell it wasn't real people sitting in a big room recording something at once.  If you've plunked around on Garageband before, you probably know what I mean.

Pianos sound tiny, strings sound synth-y, and horns sound like 80s techno music.  :P

So I've really been trying to fine-tune my abilities to create epic, soundtrack music...and here is one of my latest efforts: We Shall Fight.  :)

What about Christmas???

I get to go home for two weeks!  I have been quite busy, but have been enjoying my time in New York.  December was fairly quiet in terms of concerts, and I have a couple weeks before things get crazy in January.  I'll be first in Florida, and then will spend a week at UC Davis in California!  :D

Stella has been doing well, and I'm so proud that she has gotten not one, but two different internships at the United Nations, which she starts on Monday! :D  축하축하!!!!!

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