Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rant - Rules of the Road: Walking Edition

There are Rules of the Road for a Reason.  When we drive...

we are supposed to follow these rules in order to prevent accidents and ensure that we get from Point A to Point B quickly and safely.  And in most parts of the world, the road is the only place where such rules are really necessary for the general public.

In New York City, however, there is one other place where there are also least implicit ones...that people should follow because without them, a few things seem to happen:

1) Congestion, and
2) Accidents

People need to basically follow the Rules of the Road on the sidewalk as well, to prevent many of these issues.  Let's try to address some of these things, shall we?  Click "read more" below for more

Congested NYC Sidewalks

Congestion and Accidents...

There are simply too many people on the sidewalks.  There is just not enough sidewalk for the number of people walking around.  It sure doesn't help when people are walking on the wrong side of the road. Or what about those folks that are in a group and walk two-or-three-people-across so that you can't pass them (they always walk slowly, too).  Or what about the people who walk right in the middle of the sidewalk, so that it's a pain to go around them on either side without being awkward?

Or what about those lovely folks who start on one side of the sidewalk (slowly, of course), and as you're trying to pass them, they ever-so-slowly glide on over (without looking) and continue to block your path.  It's just lovely.

Then there are the folks who just plain stop in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking everyone behind them.  And what about those folks on the escalator who stop at the top or bottom so that everyone behind them can just pile into them?  That's considerate, too.

It's a miracle people aren't ticketed for some of the dumb and simply oblivious things they do while walking down a congested sidewalk.


This guy is simultaneously demonstrating how to walk in both 1) the middle-ish and 2) the wrong side of the sidewalk.

Walking in New York is an involved process that is not for the faint of heart.  :P


  1. Walking anywhere is not for the faint of heart. I was at an IKEA in FL this weekend and encountered many similar walking frustrations. People just don't take efficiency or consideration for others into account when walking. It's as if they are all taking private scenic strolls through a European forest circa 1650.

  2. Hah, you just summed up every single pent up frustration I've had with this, right down to the I'll-just-glide-in-front-of-you-ever-so-slightly-while-you-pass people. Them and the rows of 2-3 blocking the entire sidewalk are the worst. I think I'm still part of the "I want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head" Facebook group I joined back in high school, hahaha...