Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend with the Watsons

I went out to the Cold Spring Harbor Lab for the weekend!

...Which is about an hour away from Manhattan (in good traffic).  I went out this weekend for a nice visit, which was great.  The weather was horribly humid, but very pretty.

Dr. Watson, Mrs. Watson, and me at a pizza restaurant! :)


Beautiful Day

The Harbor~

"Read more" to read more!

I got to see the new piano I helped pick out as well.  It's identical to the one I grew up with at home, except that mine was a matte finish and this is the polish ebony. :)
Boston, made by Steinway
Eating Paris Baguette Fruit Tart Cake! :D

For dinner on Saturday, we went to the fabulous restaurant to meet with some friends.  The restaurant was called "Prime," and specialized in steak.  
5-Star Diamond Award

Prime Restaurant
Apple Martini...very good!

Most of the cars were Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, and Mercedes... O_o
Caesar Salad

8oz. Filet
The meal was spectacular, and the company was even better!  :)  I had a caesar salad with a filet.  

But one of the best parts was a surprise "Happy Birthday" chocolate molten lava cake...


Today, I got to see the newest artwork addition at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab:

A portrait of Roger Samet, a big supporter of the arts at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab
DNA Sculpture at Cold Spring Harbor Lab

I had a fantastic weekend, which was restful and fun!  Hope you all had a spectacular one as well...and have a great week ahead!

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