Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"ARGH!" - East-West Differences: Part 1

The east-coast and west-coast are really different.

The weather is different, the buildings are different, the driving styles are different...  This country is so absolutely massive, that there really are huge differences in the way people act everywhere you go.  But watch out for the east-coasters and their attitudes.  :P

Would you like a coffee?  Well you had better have figured out exactly what you wanted 15 minutes ago.

Don't even think about standing in front of a counter deciding what you'd like.  Whether it be at a coffee shop, a Dunkin' Donuts, or a Duane Reade, the fact that you're still there means you're going too slowly.

Fiddling around trying to get money out of your wallet?  Nuh uh.  Too slow.

Want to get out your membership card?  Nope.  It'd better be out before you get in line.

Going to a restaurant?  You should have the menu memorized, even if it's your first time there.

Look at how happy New Yorkers look.  They're probably just deciding what kind of coffee they'll order later.

People will take any opportunity to go faster, including cutting in line when possible.  ...And then giving you attitude if you say something.

You are at a Duane Reade (like a Rite Aid or CVS) and you're next in line.  The customer in front of you is finishing up so you move up a bit closer behind him.  He starts taking much longer than expected, and a new register opens up right next to you.  Because you're next in line, you move over to the newly-opened teller, but find that the woman behind you is already there.  Tell the lady you were next?  Nuh uh.  She tells you that you got out of line.  Lovely.

Now compared with the west-coast?

This is night and day.  Feel free to ponder on the west-coast while deciding on what size Starbucks you'd like.  Want a super-sized extra value meal at McDonalds?  Think about it for awhile, it's okay!  Do that in NYC and somebody might beat you up, so it's not recommended. :P

What are some experiences you've had with east-coasters and impatience?

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  1. Karen Brunsting-WilliamsAugust 14, 2012 at 11:31 PM

    As soon as a stoplight turns green, a milisecond later people are laying on their horns for cars to move. People are soooo impatient in NY!