Thursday, August 16, 2012

Atlantic City Getaway!

Where can you go to get out of the City?  ...Atlantic City!

Home of the largest boardwalk and kind of like a mini version of Las Vegas, Atlantic City is a place where lots of New Yorkers "get-away" for a day or two.  The beaches are really nice, and there are buffets galore (and casinos, though I'm not a gambler at all).  

Stella and I got a Hertz rental and drove down this weekend for a short escape from the Big Apple...lots of fun!


Driving to AC!
This children's toy...I don't know...

World's longest boardwalk

World's longest boardwalk

Tons of people


Indoor Water Show

World's longest boardwalk

World's longest boardwalk


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  1. Awesome post and pictures Charlie! My favorite thing about that place is the Atlantic City Restaurants, they have such great dining and a wide variety at that. Thank you for sharing this with us!