Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nail Filers on the Subway, Boston, and Bulk Energy Drinks

I was sitting on the subway the other day...

going down to do some tutoring when I heard this kind of sawing sound coming from somewhere.  It was one of those things that just don't belong in swaying box that is the MTA.  I looked around and noticed this person across from me, with slicked-back hair (only in the front, of course), and a indifferent demeanor sawing away at some of the longest nails in the history of the human species:
Poor man

The sound didn't bother me much, but I just found it hilarious that here this woman was, in a New York subway, legs wide open, I-Love-NY bag-in-hand, grinding down these flamboyant spears on the ends of her fingers.  The best part of all was the poor old man sitting next to her, obviously quite uncomfortable with the whole situation.

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Boston was also beautiful!

I was in Boston from Monday to Tuesday of this week to work with Ms. Byun, preparing for my upcoming concert/competitions.  It was great to get out of the city for awhile~
Living out of a suitcase? Yes, that's music on top :P
Bus driver taking a snooze in Boston

One of my favorites...Sarko Japan!
I was also able to stock up on my favorite kick to the day (don't worry, I only have one like once per week or two) at the small store across from NEC:

Stocking up

They're so much cheaper at that store (about $2.33 each) than in New York (over $4 each), so I bought a couple of boxes to bring back with me. :)

After two exhausting days, I enjoyed a nice burrito and SNL Korea (yeah, I was surprised to find it too)...and a great view on the way home to New York.

SNL Korea


I'm going to be in the city for a few more days, before heading out to San Francisco to play with the Symphony the night of July 19 (one week to go!).  Is anyone going to be in the area??? *crosses fingers*  Let me know!

I'll leave you with Chopsticks!

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