Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Videos] The Famous Steinway Hall Piano Basement

Steinway Hall's piano basement...

is famous for being the home to tons of the highest quality Steinway pianos in the world.  It is from this location that the world's great pianists would come to pick out the pianos that they wanted to use for concerts, including at places like Carnegie Hall.  Located under Steinway Hall on 57th Street in New York, there are two main rooms filled with what must be 15+ 9-foot Steinway pianos (though I don't trust my counting abilities).

Here is an uploaded YouTube video of an improvisation of "Chopsticks" that I played, there, last night!  There's another video and lots more pictures after the break (click "read more" below the "Chopsticks" video):

Basement Door
 Steinway can actually ship pianos to places where you perform, so you can remember which piano numbers you like and specifically request them if you have a choice. :)

...Like a Liberace-white one?

A white Model O

This is the main room I spent time in, last night, which has most of the 9-foot Steinways.  It took forever to find the light switches, but it was pretty cool!


I mainly played the second one from the left

White Model O


An awesome piano...

I played a little bit of a lot of stuff...everything from Chopsticks to Ravel, and had the chance to record a little bit of some stuff for you guys! 

 ...And as promised, here's "Touch the Peace," which I also played last night.  It's from my last album, Vivace, and is available on iTunes here and Spotify here!


  1. BRAVO, Charlie! Many, many thanks for sharing your talents with us ... Chopsticks has NEVER sounded better!

    1. Thank you so much! It was fun to play :)

  2. thanks for sharing.

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