Friday, July 13, 2012

Practice Room Sleeping, NY Phil in Central Park

It can be tiring to sit in a practice room, so what is one to do?

Sleep.  Well, that was at least the option that seemed most appealing to me at Juilliard this afternoon.  But unfortunately for me, there is no comfortable bed in each of the rooms (I'll have to talk to the administration about this one).  Anyway, the next best thing is the floor, so that's just what I did.

The view from the undersides of the pianos.  Beautiful.

My bag is an acceptable pillow, I realized.
 So after about an hour sleeping on the ground, I practiced a bit more and headed out, to find this:


What else could I do but get on that chair and roll myself (fast) down the hall and back? :)

NY Phil and Central Park after the break!  Click "read more" below to read more!

And today was also a treat, because the New York Philharmonic was performing in Central Park!

Hoards of people entering Central Park for the concert

Hoards of people

Hoards of people

Wonderful dinner with new friends

Pizza, kimbap (김밥), fruit, etc.  A great picnic before a fun concert!

We had an amazing spot
Our spot was really good, because a few of the people went there at 4pm to save a large area for us. :)


Alan Gilbert and the NY Phil

Have a great remainder of Friday the 13th!

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