Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grandpas in Speedos

Churros are good.  Chocolate is good.  ...And just as you'd expect, Churros + Chocolate = Really Good.

One of the notorious desserts in Spain is just that...churros with really thick (I'm talking Burdick's-Hot-Chocolate-super-thick) hot chocolate.  You proceed to dip and eat, and it's great.  People sit around at outside tables at all times of the day munching away on churros + chocolate.  It's great.


Churros and Chocolate

It's good.  Really good.

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Many restaurants in Spain have combination dinners...

like the one we had at this restaurant near the center of Santander.  For 15 euros (during the week), you get a drink (wine, a coke, a beer, water...anything), an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.  Pretty good!

Dinner table


Steak and fries

Milk Pudding

Another great way to explore Santander is to use the rentable bikes.

For 1 euro for the first hour and 0.60 euros for each hour after that, you can rent a bicycle and return it to any of the stations around town.  A couple of friends and I went out on an exploration expedition around the city.
Heading out

One of many beautiful beaches in the area

Bicycle rental station

With great beaches comes great responsibility (and risk).  ...Like grandpas in Speedos.

The picture says enough that no questions need be asked.  O_o

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