Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moving to New York...a new chapter

My practice room...unfortunately not a real piano, but definitely worth having. :)  I'm spending most of my practicing time lately in the Juilliard practice rooms, which are admittedly pretty nice.
So, as many of you know, I moved to New York City about a month ago, now, to do my Artist Diploma (A.D.) at Juilliard, starting this fall.  I had done an internship on Wall Street a couple years ago and lived in Harlem (boy, there's a few stories about that for another day), so it isn't my first time in the city for a long period of time...but I must admit I was not really looking forward to calling it a permanent home.

Long story short, however, I'm quickly growing used to it and am actually enjoying myself. :)  Despite the ear-curling noise that seems to never it, there has definitely not been a single city that I have been to that you can say is "like" New York.  Whereas many places are similar to others, there really is no other place as unique as this...

More to come!


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