Sunday, June 24, 2012

So...What is it REALLY like to be a young concert pianist?

Manhattan Driving ^^
Hey everyone!  Here I am, beginning this blog to fill what I feel is a big hole in my communication with my audiences.

There's for official news, biographies, press kits, concert seasons, and videos.

There's for more news, videos, and automatic updates.

There's for videos.

...But where is there a place to write about my travels, experiences, and to post lots of exciting photos and whatnot???  (Everyone knows I take an inordinate amount of last count I have somewhere in the realm of 70,000 from the last 10 years or so).

One of the absolute coolest things about what is do is the amazing people I have the chance to meet, the great food I get to scarf down, and the places I get to travel...and I would really like to share that with all of you!  Please check back often and subscribe so that you, too, can get an inside idea of what it's like in my shoes and share some of my experiences!

Happy days!


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