Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Used to Juilliard

Dance studio piano
Juilliard seems to be quite an interesting place, especially over the summer when everyone is gone.  After paying $50 for a summer practice card, we're allowed to practice on weekdays (closed weekends) in the rooms, which vary widely from the mostly windowless ones to some really large teaching studios with a couple of pianos in them and nice views of Lincoln Center across the street.

I stumbled upon this dance studio the other day on my way out of school (I couldn't figure out how to get out due to the construction on some of the floors), which looks out over Broadway and tons of people walking by below.

Really cool dance studio at Juilliard overlooking Broadway

I also regularly try my hand at some cooking, but I'm pretty limited to things like Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft, of course) and pasta with pre-made spaghetti sauce and of course Tabasco...or as I used to tease my sister (who hates it), "The Big T." :)

Lincoln Center subway station

Tonight's dinner: spaghetti and leftovers
So today, it was spaghetti and some leftovers.  Everyone who knows me knows that I used to be a big Korean drama fan, but I really haven't watched much lately...that is, until 빅 (Big), a new one of which Episode 7 just came out today (I'm watching as I type this out, in fact). :P

Spaghetti and leftovers, along with the newest show I'm watching, 빅 (Big).
The Manhattan sky at sunset can be pretty beautiful, though!

A beautiful sky at sunset, home


  1. Amazing view! No wonder you guys play so beautifully! :-)

  2. The top pictures are from Juilliard, and the bottom one is from where I live. The dance studio I was in (top couple of pics) is a place you're not "technically" supposed to practice in... Heehee~

  3. Looks like a nice apartment you've got there, Charlie. Great views. Thanks for the blog. You're right, it's interesting to have a glimpse of your life.

    1. I'm glad you're liking the blog...please keep following and let others know about it too!

  4. The 66th street subway station - my favorite!