Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bagby Foundation for the Performing Arts Audition Day

Today was one of those days where I avoid practicing.

Not solely because I don't enjoy it (granted, I occasionally do like to practice, but those times are few and far between), but because I didn't want to really wear myself out before an audition that I had later in the day.

The Bagby Foundation for the Performing Arts is a group that gives out small grants to artists to help them further their career.  The grants are not large to the point where you can stop working or anything, but they can help an artist to pay for groceries or a little bit of Metrocard fees and whatnot.  They're given out monthly and usually for several years (that is, unless you go out and win the lottery or something).  :P

Anyway, I had a audition scheduled for 6:15pm this evening, but I could arrive at 5:45 to try out the piano and whatnot (usually a good idea).  Other instruments don't have the same problem that pianists do (which is why I am convinced the piano is the hardest instrument, but that argument is for another post someday), in that every single time they go somewhere to perform, they not only have to accommodate their playing to the hall or room, but also get used to different pianos every time...which is definitely not easy.  Some are loud, some soft...some hard to press the keys down, some light...some even, some uneven...the list goes on and on.

Anyway, I got lots of rest today and headed out to take my favorite mode of transportation *chokes*, the bus.

I'm going THAT way (that is, from the east to the west)

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Me on the way to the west side for the audition

 I arrived a little early, but on the way saw a group of four awesome dogs.  I love dogs, but wasn't sure what kind these were (a type of terrier?)

New York dogs, often en masse

Skyline from the Hell's Kitchen area of New York

Rehearsing before the audition
The audition went alright...I am never really "happy" after a concert or performance (maybe a couple times so far in my life has that happened), because there are always a lots of things that you wish you had done better or that you aren't satisfied with.  But blah...I guess that's what keeps live performance interesting and separates it from processed recordings.

On the way home

Tired and sweaty
During a Qdoba dinner (one of my favorite places), I got a phone call from the Executive Director of the Bagby Foundation who said that I had blown the trustees away! :D  He said that they would like to offer me the small grant, and I was (and am) thrilled!  It won't nearly cover everything, but it will definitely help with some of the many expenses of living in New York and in pursuing music as a career.  :D  I feel so very lucky and blessed.

Qdoba dinner!


  1. Happy that you accomplished this goal along your journey - and that maybe you can eat for awhile. That is a necessity - and very nice when it is covered.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Mikota! Eating is something that I do enjoy. :D So this should help wit at least a little bit of that. :)

  2. Congratulations, you deserve it.

    1. Thanks so much, Richard! I really appreciate it :)