Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 33: Kimball, NE

We drove north a couple of hours to Scottsbluff, NE from Fort Morgan, CO.

We got a nice upgrade to a huge suite with a bedroom, 3 beds, a couch, a shower and jacuzzi, etc. Yay!

The concert was in Kimball, NE, and was lots of fun.  Tomorrow, we start a 9 hour drive to Minnesota (though we'll probably only go about 6.5 hours or so).

Time for some dinner and then sleep!


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  1. Eating healthy - (tacos and margaritas are good), resting peacefully (upgrades are always nice), performing magnificently (as always!)! Glad you and your mom are getting to see some beautiful countryside along your tour. I'm enjoying your photos and comments. Keep up (your strength) & good work. Have FUN. Travel Safe. Michael O'