Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 32: Fort Morgan, CO

Today, we started off the day by shopping at Macy's and Costco, before driving off to Fort Morgan to have a student outreach and a concert.

Fort Morgan is just about an hour from Denver, and seems like a nice little town.  The student outreach was at a small music school in a 100+ year old building that had been donated, having once been an elementary and high school.  The concert was at the Fort Morgan High School, where there was a great audience.

The Cortez Journal wrote a fantastic review about my recent concert...please check it out here!

Also, the La Junta Tribune Democrat wrote of the concert there here 
( and the outreach here 
if you'd like to see!

Tomorrow, we're off to Kimball, NE!


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  1. WOW Charlie ".... impossible to separate artist from art or from the instrument ..." Wonderful that your talent/passion is received with such appreciation and praise! It's all true ! You must be walking on air, although tired somewhat. Glad you are finding some 'local time' to shop etc. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time. (I'm enjoying your tour). Rest up, eat well, and ....Travel Safe. Best of luck! Michael O'