Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 26: La Junta, CO

An hour west of Lamar, CO is La Junta...otherwise known as the Junction.  ...And it was nearly 70 degrees.

I had a student outreach for a few hundred elementary school students, and they were all bright and attentive the whole time.  At night, the concert was a blast too!

Tomorrow, there's no concert, but I've got a long drive down into New Mexico (about 7 hours total).



  1. Great concert in La Junta! Thank you for sharing your talent. You are amazing.

  2. Hello Charlie! YOU are incredible .... connecting with students - performing - then driving to your next 'hot spot' ! Looks like you are eating well. You photos are great ! Keep up your strength and stamina ... and what I always say TRAVEL SAFE . continued good luck ! Michael O'