Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 25: Johnson City, KS

About two hours west of Dodge City is the small town of Johnson City.

I had a great time doing a student outreach, and the concert at the school was great.  There wasn't a place to stay in Johnson City, so after the concert ended at 10pm, we drove another hour and a half to Lamar, CO where I just checked into the hotel.

My apologies for the short post!


Drove 30 minutes to McDonald's :P

So warm!

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  1. Hi Charlie, Another busy day for you, hope you are eating (not always at McDonald's) and sleeping (in the town you're performing in) well. Good to know that your connecting with students along the way. You are such a great role model ! Continue on. Keep warm (it's 12 degrees here in Boston).
    Travel SAFE. Michael O'