Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 4: Williston, ND - The Oil Boom!

Today started off with a drive of a couple hours to Williston, ND.

On the way, we passed tons of machines pumping oil...they were everywhere!

The concert took place at the Williston High School, which had a newly-renovated auditorium and a 9-foot Baldwin.  The audience was spectacular and it was quite a fun evening!

Tomorrow will be very busy.  After a four-hour drive to Devils Lake, ND, I have a short student program in the afternoon, followed by a normal concert at night.  Should be a loooong day!

Glendive, MT to Williston, ND

-4 Degrees...

Home Sweet Hotel



Greenroom snacks :)


Great renovated auditorium at the high school!

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  1. Hello Charlie! Everywhere you go there is snow and cold ! Brrrr I'm sure your concerts warm things up ! Enjoying your photos. Seems like you have a nice mix to your adventure meeting students (local folk) and performing ! Lucky you ! Enjoy.