Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 3: Dillon to Glendive...driving, driving, driving...

Today was a day of driving...

...About 7.5 hours of it, to be exact.  No concert today, but tomorrow I'll be in Williston, ND...right in the center of the new oil boom (and therefore expensive hotel rates).

Tomorrow morning, we'll drive a couple more hours and then give a concert at night, losing an hour to Central Time in the process.

Today was freezing...well more like 40-50 degrees below freezing to be exact.  Even the inside of the windows of the SUV were freezing up at times!

Icy roads 

Good 'ol Wal-Mart to buy supplies 


I've never heard of chocolate cake with Coke...

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  1. Hey, I always say..... Travel Safe! and it looks like you are traveling lots of snowy miles. You photos are GREAT ... at least you are eating well LOL . lots of snow and cold here in Boston too, I sympathize with the rough going. Your concerts !!! that's what its all about , I'm sure you are enjoying your adventure. :) I'm enjoying your Blog ! Eat, Rest, Perform ! :)