Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1 - Start of 6-week US Tour!

I'm currently in Denver waiting for my next flight.

Waiting, that is, because United Airlines made numerous errors throughout the day that inevitably led to me missing my connecting flight.  After three hours of sleep, I headed to La Guardia for a 6:50am flight.

Because there were no seats, the entire plane stood at the gate waiting for an hour due to them "waiting for one last flight attendant."  Somebody apparently slept in :P

As we waited, the weather outside worsened and it began to snow.  After finally boarding an hour late, the worsening weather caused further delays.  We ended up departing about two hours late.

We were told we would land at 10:40am Mountain Time...

which would mean that I could theoretically make my 11:11am connecting flight.  Of course, that was untrue as well and we didn't touch ground until about 10:50am.  Then we taxied awhile and stopped.  Of course, United hadn't prepared the gates properly and there was a plane at our gate.  That's okay, however, because it would only be "about 5 minutes."  Thirty minutes later (due to a "mechanical issue" with said plane), we pull up to the gate.

Having all but lost hope of making my connection, I asked the customer service rep at the gate what I should do.  She said to try to make the flight...Gate 84, she said.  I was at Gate 2.

I ran what seemed like almost a couple of miles to find out that it was not 84, but in fact 52 that the woman should have said.

So I ran back to 52 and found out that the gate had closed and I could not board.

The man rebooked me onto a later flight, but of course, United wouldn't provide for food vouchers or club access.

I'm now sitting in a restaurant at the airport...

where my waitress told me that is why she hadn't flown United for 10 years.

Anyway!  Sorry for the rant, but boy what a start to a long tour!  It's going to be a great experience...I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm meeting my dad in Bozeman, Montana, and he will travel with me for a couple of weeks...yay!

Please follow along and I'll try to update as often as I can!

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  1. WOW..... off to a bumpy start. I'm sure things will get better for you. Better to have been cautious, than deal with dangerous snow etc. 'Travel Safe' I always say. I hope you will be able to stay warm and get some food rest - often. Perhaps you can send someone(everyone) at United a complaint, you never know what the might send you in return. just a thought. Focus on your tour ! Glad to hear your dad will be traveling with you for a while. I was always amazed you traveled solo in the past. Thought you had 'people' with you. Looking forward to hearing - and perhaps seeing some of your tour photos as the weeks go on. Best of luck, stay warm, and ...... Travel Safe. Michael O'