Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 27: Yankton, South Dakota

Whew!  These last few days are going to be long!  

Today, I drove about 4 hours to Yankton, SD from Des Moines, Iowa.  The concert was at the high school, and they had a gorgeous Steinway B (7-foot) and a great was pretty full too...about 500 people or so.

Tomorrow will be the hardest day.  I have to drive back through Des Moines and to Keokuk, IA...eight hours of driving total, followed by a concert.  >_<

Off to bed!


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  1. Hello Charlie, wow.... on the road again/still, stay alert! I can imagine how tired you must be after a long day driving. BUT I'm sure once you see the next piano and you get to perform in front of a packed auditorium your 'rush' begins ! LOL.... Your photos are fun to see, I hope you keep posting more. Good that you are doing well (how is your hand?) and filling every seat ! Eat, REST when you can. Eyes on the road. ENJOY . Travel safe. Michael O'