Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cimarron, NM - Haunted Hotel in the Southwest

I don't think I had ever been to New Mexico before...

...let alone the small town of Cimarron, which has all of about 1000 people (literally).  A 4.5 hour drive south of Denver, the closest airport would still require a 3+ hour I figured I'd skip the extra flight and just drive the difference.

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With nobody on the straight roads in New Mexico, one is inclined to drive quickly...  I also first-handedly learned that the 2012 Camry has a speed limiter at about 112-113mph.  :P

As usual, my meals on the road normally consisted of fast food.

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...And it gets boring after awhile.  So, just stream "Shark Tank" on your iPhone. :)

Watching "Shark Tank" while driving

I gave a mini-concert and talk to about 300 middle/high-school students in Raton, NM on Monday

The concert was really fun!  Also, the hotel I stayed in had two sections: the old, original, haunted part with a restaurant with bullet holes in the ceiling from bar fights 100+ years ago...and the annex that was un-haunted that I insisted on staying in.  :)

I have now just arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas!

I'm playing the Mozart C Major K. 467 Concert with the Fort Smith Symphony on Saturday...and just found out that the 1327 seat hall was sold out with a waiting list!  It's going to be a blast!!!

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