Monday, July 16, 2012

San Francisco in the Morning!

I am off to San Francisco in the morning!

So to make sure I'm in good health and feeling happy, why not some delicious SamGyupSal (삼겹살)?  Basically giganto pieces of pork that are cut-up and eaten, it's pretty much the definition of Mmmmmmmm~

Not quite yet Mmmmmm...but getting there
반찬이 많네 - Lots of side dishes
I'm particularly looking forward to going out to San Francisco, because my mom, sister, and grandma from Korea will be there!  Yay~~~

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Now how about some 팥빙수 (PatBingSoo), which is basically shaved ice with fruit (mmm), red beans (not as "mmm"), ice cream (mmm), and whipped cream (MMMmmmmm)?

팥빙수 - PatBingSoo

...And maybe the world's fanciest fountain drink machines, courtesy of McDonald's?

Tons of options, including things like multi-flavored Sprite!

My flight is on Virgin America (yesss) and my next post will be from the west coast!

I will talk to you all soon from San Francisco!  Remember, if you're in the area, I'm playing the Rhapsody in Blue with the San Francisco Symphony this Thursday at Davies Symphony Hall...please come if you can!

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