Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Fran: Day 2 (Speedboat anyone?)

Speedboats and Practicing

This will be a mainly photo-based post, so here it is!  This morning, I had a quick continental breakfast in the hotel...


Summer and the Symphony Ad

Symphony Hall entrance
 ...and then headed to Davies Symphony Hall to practice for awhile in the piano garage.

Piano Garage at Symphony Hall

City Hall, San Francisco

Davies Symphony Hall

We then headed down to Fisherman's Wharf where my sister insisted that we all go on the 'most thrilling experience of your life,' or something of the sort.  Not wanting to miss out on that, we got on the Rocketboat.

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Grandma and Oma waiting in line for the Rocketboat

Awesome glasses.

 This boat goes like 50mph around San Francisco Bay for a half hour and turns, jumps, and drenches you.  It really was a blast!
Drenched after the Rocketboat
Tomorrow will be a very long day.  I start with a meeting with the conductor Michael Francis, then have a rehearsal, then a lunch meeting, then the concert at night.  Should be a lot of fun!!!

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