Sunday, July 22, 2012

Next Stop: Spain (well technically France, then Spain)

¡Voy a España esta noche!

Hello Everyone!  I'm off to Spain, today, so my apologies for not having a better post up!  I am leaving tonight and am transferring back in good 'ol Charles de Gaulle (I sure hope they've decided to do something crazy and start putting up signs in the airport since I was last there).  I'll then head over to Bilbao, Spain before driving up the coast to Santander.

It should be absolutely beautiful there.  The weather will have highs in the upper 70s or so, and it is right on the norther coast of Spain, which should be gorgeous!  

I will definitely post and whatnot while I'm there, and of course will take an inordinate amount of pictures of everything, as I always do, so no worries there!

So, I guess I'll end by saying "¡Adiós, mis amigos!"


  1. CDG, absolutely the world's most confusing airport.I try to avoid it. Please post if it is in anyway improved.

    Best wishes in Spain.

    1. Will do! It is definitely a confusing airport... :P