Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"A Grand Homecoming: Piano Star Returns 10 Years After Centralia College Graduation - Sold Out Show: Charlie Albright Returns for His Fifth Benefit Show at Corbet Theater"

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Happy to have been able to perform back at the Centralia College!  Thank you for the great review, The Chronicle!

"“I think I know most of the people in the audience,” Albright said to laughter from the 500-some members of the audience. It was one of many easygoing conversational breaks during an electrifying two-hour piano concert by an international musical sensation who seemed just as happy to be playing for a hometown audience as his old neighbors were to be listening to him."
"“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” he said, then paused dramatically. “Or at least what you can get away with. Here’s ‘Great Balls of Fire.’”"
"The concert was a benefit hosted by the Centralia College Foundation. Albright donated his time and talents to raise money for the college. The foundation netted about $14,500 from the show, said Julia Johnson, who organized the event. About $10,000 will go toward music scholarships in Albright’s name that will be given out at Centralia College over the next few years, she said. The remaining $4,500 will go toward maintenance of the college’s Charlie Albright Piano, on which the namesake performed during the show."
"This is the fifth benefit concert Albright has performed at Centralia College since he graduated in June 2007 as a Running Start student with both his Centralia High School diploma and Centralia College associate of science degree."

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