Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gershwin Extravaganzas with the Boston Pops!

Whew! It's hard to believe that the 2015/2016 Season is over, but what better way to end the season that with Gershwin Extravaganzas with the One-and-Only Boston Pops?!?

The last few weeks have been quite a tour-de-force for me, at one point performing 5 concerts with 3 different programs in 7 days.  Whew!  But boy, were they fun!

On Tuesday, I took the Acela train up to Boston, where I met my mom (who flew out from Seattle) and my sister.  My former piano teacher, Mrs. Adsit, was also able to come out the day after from Michigan to see the concerts.

The conductor was the amazing David Charles Abell, who is a brilliant musician.  The all-Gershwin concerts on Wednesday and Thursday also had the phenomenal singers Nicole Cabell and Nmon Ford.

The concerts were like huge parties, with changing lights, audiences going wild, and smiles on everyone's faces.  How fun!

Boston Musical Intelligencer:

"A very accomplished improviser, he (Charlie Albright) first appeared with a successful solo fantasy on the songs just performed by Cabell and Ford, before the joining the orchestra for the charming "Promenade" from Shall We Dance, the number also known as "Walking the Dog." Returning at the end of the second half, he closed the official part of the concert with a vigorous, flexible, shapely and, shall we say, improvisatory take on Rhapsody in Blue.  The whole evening rang with brilliance, energy, occasional poignancy, and frequent high spirits that characterize Gershwin and his work.  All around, a well-planned survey and a splendid tribute."

Edge Media Network: 

"In one of the concert's more delightful diversions, Albright -- a rising piano soloist -- displayed his improvisational skills with a short interlude in which he mashed those two songs together. The boyish Albright later ended the evening with his distinctive and highly lyrical take on the "Rhapsody in Blue."

Here are some pictures!


Liz and James Watson (SGma and SGpa) with Mrs. Adsit

Charlie Albright with the Boston Pops

Charlie Albright with the Boston Pops

Fancy Hotel Lobby

Lillian, Mrs. Adsit, and Oma (my mom)

Charlie Albright with the Boston Pops

Charlie Albright with the Boston Pops

Boston Symphony Hall

Taking bows with Nicole Cabell, Nmon Ford, and David Charles Abell after our encore

Charlie Albright with Mrs. Adsit and David Charles Abell

Boston Symphony Hall during Rehearsal

Awesome pic from Winslow Townson

With Oma (mom) at the Boston Public Library

Charlie Albright Backstage at Symphony Hall with David Charles Abell, Nmon Ford, and Nicole Cabell

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