Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 39: Hibbing, MN

We drove 3 hours to Mountain Iron, MN...just a half hour east of Hibbing, MN.

The concert was in this absolutely gorgeous high school built in 1920 by the iron ore mining company.  Hibbing is apparently the largest Iron Ore mine in the country.  The school literally looked like a museum, with intricate molding, a gorgeous hall, etc.

Hibbing is the hometown of Bob Dylan, and apparently Jerry Lee Lewis also played my encore (Great Balls of Fire) on the same piano!

That was concert 36 of 37 since February 4th!


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  1. Really enjoying the photos you've been posting Charlie. This last concert/hall aka high school auditorium is gorgeous! You are lucky to be traveling to so many beautiful cities across the country. Sharing your wonderful music with children and adults... such a gift ! Continued success , and as always TRAVEL SAFE > Michael O'