Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 35: Marshall, MN

Back in Minnesota!

We drove the remaining ~3 hours or so to Marshall, MN to be greeted by an amazingly huge and new high school, donated by the Schwan company (which was founded here!).

The piano was a 7 foot Yamaha in a beautiful hall.  The matinee started at 4pm, which leaves time for some dinner and rest tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll be heading to Worthington!


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  1. Hello Charlie ! Happy to hear your travels are going well. Nice that you've had the opportunity to perform in so many beautiful school/concert halls. I really appreciate your photos .... such a big country ! Beautiful mountains and vast open spaces ! Lunches and dinners are looking good ! And of course your smiles tell a happy story. I'm sure you are enjoying traveling with your mom. ENJOY and always TRAVEL SAFE . Michael O'