Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 23: Travel to Dodge City, KS

So I was mistaken in somehow thinking that it was only a 2-hour drive to Dodge City, KS.

After checking again on Google Maps, I realized that it was actually closer to 4 hours.  The drive was Kansas-ey, I guess you could say, with lots of farms in every direction.

I didn't have a concert today, but tomorrow morning I'll be playing for and talking to about 1400 middle school students, and then giving a concert in the evening.

For dinner, I had a great steak at this place called Montana Mike's Steakhouse.


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  1. Hey Charlie, There is quite a difference between a 2 and 4 hr. drive!
    I can hear your GPS "re-calculating, re-calculating" LOL. Good that you started with a good breakfast. Glad you made it safely . WOW, quite an audience ahead of you -- middle school student AND an evening concert. Busy, busy. I'm sure it makes the time go faster and such enjoyment with a busy schedule on your adventure. Hey.......... did I see McDonalds fries ! Remember ---> Travel Safe. Michael O'