Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 17: Free Day with Interviews!

No concert tonight!

But three interviews: one was a live Skype TV interview for the Nebraska ABC affiliate, one was a live radio interview for Nebraska, and one more radio interview for Iowa Public Radio, which is part of NPR.

We looked around Des Moines for a bit before heading to Ottumwa to avoid a blizzard warning (which has since faded to a winter storm warning, I think) tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow, I'll play here in Ottumwa!


Live Skype TV interview

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  1. Hello Charlie, On the open road --- again! Looks like more of the 'same', flat and cold farmland. Good that you enjoyed your 'day off' and got to see some sights! Enjoying your photos. Wonderful news about your interviews -- get the word out - you're in town! Keep on , keep on ! Travel Safe. Michael O'