Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 15: Fairfield, IA

No driving today!

We stumbled upon a wonderful little Indian food place in downtown Fairfield, where we met a very friendly Korean-American lady and had some outstanding food.

The concert hall was beautiful.  Built just 6 years ago, they also had a phenomenal 9-foot Steinway (Serial Number 337) which was among the finer Steinways I've played on.  While the weather prevented a large crowd (there was a lot of snow/sleet earlier in the day), the crowd was enthusiastic and welcoming.  Afterward, we went to a nice catered dinner with members of the Board which was also very good...yummy lasagna!

Tomorrow, we have a ~2-hour drive to Newton, IA for a 7pm concert!


Covered in ice...

Soda pop made with REAL SUGAR!

Wonderful Indian restaurant in Fairfield...highly recommended!

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  1. Charlie, I always get hungry while viewing your Blog.... hmmmmm yum! Your photos are great. Don't like all the snow and ICE though, Otherwise I hope you are keeping warm. Nice concert hall ! You are a master at the Steinway-- I have no doubt you made it sing. Stay warm, ENJOY and Travel Safe. Michael O'